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Personnel Support

Evacuee Response

Each year, we provide short-notice support at a wide range of locations to people who have been evacuated from their place of work. We are uniquely positioned to provide this help where companies cannot do it themselves within a suitable amount of time.

Our Evacuee Response service provides face-to-face assistance for individuals or groups evacuated/displaced from their work, either for safety reasons or due to illness or injury. This support includes, but is not limited to, the following:

  • escorting individuals to hospital or clinic appointments;
  • establishing and staffing a reception centre;
  • arranging local transport and accommodation;
  • supplying welfare essentials such as food, refreshments, clothing and toiletries;
  • providing ongoing liaison with employers;
  • liaising with emergency services and other local medical services;
  • meeting and assisting relatives visiting personnel.

Our Evacuee Response Teams deliver these services any time 24/7/365, working in 8-hour shifts for as long as necessary.

Travel and accommodation management

As part of MCM’s Evacuee Response service, a response co-ordinator is available to plan and organise logistical support including local travel and accommodation and onward travel home if needed. They will liaise closely with human resources (HR) representatives of our clients and MCM Evacuee Responders on site to ensure efficient logistical support is provided.

Relative Call Centre

The Relative Call Centre at our Norwich HQ is permanently equipped to field calls at any time of any day and is staffed within 60 minutes of activation. Relatives dial a single telephone number which is published once our Relative Responders are set up and briefed.

Our Responders are primarily former emergency services personnel who are experienced in assisting distressed people and trained in counselling awareness. They provide a disciplined and sympathetic service, giving callers the latest official information about an incident and taking enquiries about people who may be affected.

All calls are logged and regularly shared with our client to ensure any required action is taken.

Communications Support

In-house media advice and origination of statements

Our Media Responders will deploy from our Response Network to a client’s office or operations base at any time 24/7/365. They work closely with company management throughout the incident to develop and deliver the external communications strategy.

They will provide guidance on local media and communications issues and prepare a series of media statements for approval. They will also help prepare company spokespeople before any media interviews.

Our responders deliver this service 24/7/365, working in 8-hour shifts for as long as required.

Media and social media monitoring

For external communications to be effective during an incident, account should be taken of instantly accessible coverage, comment, images and video posted online by media, external organisations and individuals.

Our Media Responders are professionals operating in this environment daily. They provide a constant monitoring service for clients during an incident, advising on the nature and reach of any information, comment and opinion circulating externally. This helps shape the ongoing communications strategy to ensure it both supports our clients and provides up-to-date accurate information about the incident and how it is being managed.

Media liaison

Our Media Responders liaise with journalists gathered at the client’s premises or elsewhere, working to understand press lines of enquiry and providing journalists with the latest updates on the response to the incident. We will also liaise with media representatives of third-party organisations, such as police or local government and we can also brief and chaperone personnel who may be approached by media.

This service provides a vital extra set of ‘eyes and ears’, feeding back rumours and comment from people close to the incident, ensuring that timely consideration is given to the information provided in the next statement.

Media Call Centre

Our Media Call Centre in Norwich is staffed within 60 minutes by media professionals with experience in incident management. This centre is permanently equipped to field calls and is reached by calling a single number, which is published once our team is on site and briefed.

Our Media Call Handlers will provide the latest approved press information, answer questions and work to understand any external information or lines of enquiry journalists are pursuing.

They will log each call and the nature and number of calls is fed back regularly to our client, along with specific requests and any important fresh information that may affect the ongoing external communications strategy.

Incident Management Support

Onsite support for Client Incident Management Teams

Our team of trained and experienced support responders can deploy to your office or operational base to fulfil required roles within your own Incident Management Team (IMT) should you not always have sufficient people available. Typically, we support communications and personnel related functions and we can also undertake log keeping.

Offsite Incident Management Service

Alternatively, MCM’s responders can deliver a complete outsourced solution, staffing an IMT in full, with client representatives joining the team as soon as practical, or dialling in remotely, to take key decisions and drive ongoing overall strategy. MCM’s responders are trained to fulfil any of the following support roles as required:

  • Incident Manager
  • Response Coordinator
  • Personnel
  • Communications
  • Operations
  • Log Keeper

Fully equipped offsite Incident Management Facility

Our Response House headquarters building next to Norwich Airport houses a dedicated Incident Management Suite, including an Incident Management Room, two call centres and a Secretary of State Representative (SOSREP) Operations Control Unit (OCU).

This is available for companies in the region to use as the primary or backup location for their IMT. In the event of an incident, company representatives and any supporting MCM responders deploy to this facility.

The Incident Management Suite is permanently equipped, with telephones and log books for each team member, display boards, monitors for an electronic log, television and online coverage, email and fax communications, Skype and dedicated wifi.

IM Suite

Incident Management Suite

Option for SOSREP Operations Control Unit

If required, we also provide a suitably equipped OCU room for use by the SOSREP team. We will also facilitate an OCU facilities audit by the SOSREP, if required.

Offshore Support

Experience shows that the emergency services may not always be able to provide the expected level of support immediately following a serious incident offshore.

In these circumstances, we have a team of qualified, Basic Offshore Safety Induction and Emergency Training (BOSIET) certificated and insured responders with significant experience in incident investigation who can provide important support. They are based in Norwich and will deploy as soon as practical.

Our responders can assist with a range of tasks including:

  • Protection and recording of the incident scene;
  • Collating evidence and recording statements;
  • Providing assistance to people involved and helping identify those who may need additional counselling;
  • Overseeing the recovery of deceased to shore.

This team also delivers training and can facilitate and supports offshore exercises.

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